NSight Graphics cannot connect to a Jetson board


I am trying to get Nsight Graphics on Ubuntu(x64) connected to Jetson orin nano board using ssh. But there is some issue after I complete the ssh configuration and hit the launch button.

The process log is:
Preparing to launch…
Checking file deployment: libNvda.Graphics.Interception.so
Checking file deployment: libnvperfapi64.so
Checking file deployment: libnvperf_grfx_target.so
Checking file deployment: VK_LAYER_NV_nomad_release_public_2023_2_1.json
Checking file deployment: Injector
Checking file deployment: libNomad.Injection.so
Checking file deployment: targetsettings_nomad.config
Checking file deployment: libNomad.Injection.so
Started SSH SOCKS proxy on port: 42424
/tmp/var/linux-desktop-nomad-x64/Injector -l32 “/tmp/var/linux-desktop-nomad-x86/libNomad.Injection.so” -l64 “/tmp/var/linux-desktop-nomad-x64/libNomad.Injection.so” -d “/home/nuj2ubuntuhh/tmp” -nio “/usr/bin/glmark2” --run-forever
Launching: /tmp/var/linux-desktop-nomad-x64/Injector
Failed to launch process.

There is no issue when I tried to connect an application on host PC.
Did I miss something?

Best regards,

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and I am sorry you ran into this issue. Sounds like you are using Nsight Graphics on your Ubuntu host machine and trying to launch/connect to an application running on the target Jetson Orin nano board. Is that correct? Which version of Nsight Graphics are you using? Are you using the Nsight Graphics for Embedded version?

Thank you for replying. I downloaded it from official website.
Then, I noticed there is another version of Nsight Graphics on SDKmanager and downloaded it. This worked for Jetson board.

Thanks for confirming. Yes, the version you downloaded from the official website is for desktop and notebook platforms. However, when working with Jetson platforms you should download the Nsight Graphics for Embedded version using the NVIDIA SDK Manager.

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