Nsight Graphics keep tring to connect to process

The environment
OS: ubuntu 18.04,
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 960
Driver: 450.66 (the latest nvidia driver for 960)
Nsight Graphics version: 2018.6

I want to test the profiling, using firefox on the same machine as the target process. But once I click the “lauch” button, the firefox browser is open, and I get this information flushing in the dialog: tying to connect to process on host ···

I canont do any more profiling in this way.
Thanks for any help!

Thanks for using Nsight Graphics and sorry you have run into this issue. If I understand you correctly, you are using Nsight Graphics 2018.6. That is a very old version of Nsight Graphics and I suggest you move to Nsight Graphics 2020.4 which is the latest version. You can get Nsight Graphics 2020.4 from the following site https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-graphics. If you still experience issues after switching to the latest release then please let us know.

Thanks for replying. And a updating indeed solved this problem.
I got something new using Nsight Graphics to profile applications on Jetson Xavier. I can successfly profile but no HUD showed on the Xavier application. The frame rate message of the app is important for me. How can I get it?
Thanks for any help!