Nsight Systems never finishes profiling

Nsight Systems reports “Application exited, finishing profiling…”

Image: https://ibb.co/vj1VgDL
I let it sit like that for an hour maybe, and nothing.

I am profiling a CUDA application. I made sure developer mode is enabled so there’s access to performance counters. Using CUDA 10.1, i9-7920X, RTX 2080 Ti, windows 10.

Any suggestions? Example, is there a way to see an error message or verbose of what it is doing?

Hi Greg118,

There was a bug exhibiting similar behavior that was resolved recently. Updating Nsight Systems to the latest release (currently the latest is 2019.5.1) might help resolve your problem.

If updating Nsight Systems doesn’t help, you can activate the log by:

  1. Create a copy of the file C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA Nsight Systems 20XX.Y.Z\host-windows-x64\nvlog.config.template in the same folder and rename the copy to nvlog.config
  2. Rerun Nsight Systems and launch a trace.
  3. If the reading of the trace data hangs as described in your post above, look for a file named nsight-sys.log at the same directory.
  4. You can upload the file to this thread or send it via email (more private) to: devtools-support@nvidia.com


Hello Doron,

I updated Nsight Systems 2019.5.1 and I am able to finish a profiling session. The only warning that I got was thread count limit exceeded (I know why, and that could be changed in the future). Thanks for the information on how to find logs.

I was using 2019.3.3 previously.