Remote capture for linux target

In User Guide :: Nsight Graphics Documentation, it said remote target for Windows is supported. Is Linux as a remote target supported? I’d like to do a capture remoted for the application running on the linux machine, is this possible ?

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and thank you for your question. Have you downloaded the Linux version of Nsight Graphics and tried on the Linux version? You can launch the Linux version of Nsight Graphics from a Linux host machine. Remote debugging on Linux is supported through SSH connections. Enter your SSH information when establishing the connection to connect to the target machine.

Thanks very much for your quickly reply.

So my setup is I’m running Vulkan app in the linux machine, and I want to be able to do a catpure from my windows machine.

The step I tried

  1. run vulkan application on linux machine
  2. on windows machien, start the Nsight Graphics, and in the connection field, I put the IP address of the linux machine. but it failed to connect to the linux machine

I can ssh from my windows machine to the linux machine

I think there must be a command or something I need to do on the linux side so that Nsight graphcis on Windows can actually connect to the linux side.

I’ve tried to start the Nsgith graphics UI in the linux, still no luck.

Unfortunately, this is something that Nsight Graphics does not support at this time, i.e., connecting to an application running on a Linux target device from a Windows host machine.