Nsight compute system trace issue

Why cannot I use system trace in nsight compute when the target platform is Linux(SSH)? Here the “System Trace” item is gray.

What should I do to activate the function of system trace in remote linux from a Windows Desktop?
Any advice will be appreciated.

Hi, @qwerty00

Sorry. This is not supported in Nsight Compute now.
If you need do remote trace, pleae use Nsight System directly.

Thanks! And I know how to use nsight system to do trace for an application. Another question is that is there any difference of system trace between nsight system and nsight compute? If no, why nvidia implement the trace function in both two profilers?

Hi, @qwerty00

Thanks for asking ! Basically, there isn’t much difference, just maybe some minor version difference.

Why nvidia implement the trace function in both two profilers ?
---------We integrate these perf analysis function together to avoid user switch between different tools. Provide an additional option for user to use the tools.

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