Enabling Scalable Functions (SF) in Docker Containers


I am interested in creating a Scalable Function and passing it to container namespace. I am following this NVIDIA tutorial: Upstream step by step guide · Mellanox/scalablefunctions Wiki · GitHub on how to enable SF.

I manage to successfully enable SF on host machine and ping from it, however when I pass that SF interface to container namespace and bring it up there it stops working. I can’t seem to reach outside of container using that new SF interface even though I bring it UP and assign it static IP address, both using ifconfig.

Any ideas on why SF interface doesn’t seem to work once passed to container namespace?

Also to note, once I tested SF interface on host system, RX/TX counters did not get updated for SF interface which I was using but rather the Physical Interface (PF) which it originated from? What could that be?

Best regards!