Error -32 in clGetPlatformInfo Call

Before installing 195 driver— tesla card on my machine was detected, After installing 195 driver it is saying not able to find tesla card (./oclDeviceQuery)

oclDeviceQuery.exe Starting…

OpenCL SW Info:

Error -32 in clGetPlatformInfo Call !!!

Error -32 in clGetPlatformInfo Call !!!

OpenCL SDK Version:

OpenCL Device Info:

There are no devices supporting OpenCL (return code -32)

Any suggestions are helpful

Is the card detected or not? I’m noOpenCL or GPGPU guru, but I know if the drivers are not installed right, nothing will work. Maybe verify the card you have is supported by this driver set and then get the drivers from a different source. Could be a corrupt download too. This is just 2 birds with 1 stone kinda thing. Other than this, I have no clue.

Thank you Hexen for your suggestions, card was detected before 195 driver was installed. Yes I checked, tesla c1060 card is supported by this driver.