ERROR nvarguscamerasrc0 TIMEOUT

I am trying to interface a MIPI camera (IMX477) with my custom carrier board for Jetson Nano. Initially the camera worked for a good amount of time but now the Jetson hangs/reboots while streaming the camera.

Here is the error thrown on the terminal-
ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstNvArgusCameraSrc:nvarguscamerasrc0: TIMEOUT

I have captured the nvargus-daemon logs and found some reading about bad parameter…
nvargus-daemon.txt (6.7 KB)

Setup: MIPI CSI camera (IMX477) → Jetson Nano on custom carrier board → Stream over Ethernet using GStreamer

Any help to understand the issue ?

hello alex.imp,

it looks camera device cannot open in the very beginning.
for example,

NvPclDriverInitializeData: Unable to initialize driver v4l2_sensor
NvPclInitializeDrivers: error: Failed to init camera sub module v4l2_sensor
NvPclStartPlatformDrivers: Failed to start module drivers
NvPclStateControllerOpen: Failed ImagerGUID 0. (error 0xA000E)
NvPclOpen: PCL Open Failed. Error: 0xf

in order to narrow down the issue,
may I know what’s the modification you’ve done?

@JerryChang , the connections are direct pin-to-pin from MIPI-CSI pinout on the camera to the SOM with ESD protection. I have also tested this without ESD protection diodes as well.
One unorthodox method I used here is that the camera is powered from external 3V3 supply. with common ground.

hello alex.imp,

is it possible to probe the MIPI signaling while you’re enabling camera stream from software side.
it should be software issue if there’s high-speed sending to CSI brick.

Hi @JerryChang, Currently probing MIPI signal is difficult my my set of equipment will check with my contacts if any one has the apt tools. I have standard DSO which can measure up-to 100MHz, any other options with which I could debug?

hello alex.imp,

please also share the details, is there any software changes you’ve done? it should be hardware issue otherwise.

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