Error with fort2

Upgrading from NVHPC 21.2 to 21.3 has resulted in the following error:
pgf90-Fatal-/.../Linux_x86_64/21.3/compilers/bin/tools/fort2 TERMINATED by signal 11
The compilation is for a complex app with a relatively sophisticated procedure in a x86_64 system. However, this error had never appeared with earlier versions and I’m trying to figure out what has triggered it. The release notes do not tell me much although they don’t include CentOS 8.3 as a supported OS (here my assumption is that it simply hasn’t been tested yet). Anyway, as suggested, I included the flag -tp skylake that wasn’t previously specified; the flags now read -fast -tp skylake, but that didn’t make any difference and the compilation still fails. Regarding this point a minor question is if the order of the flags matter at all (my notes indicate that that was the situation for -fast -O4).
My main question is: (without discussing proprietary matters) could you comment on the function of fort2 or any upgrade from v21.2 to v21.3? I’m not the app developer but this might help me to isolate the root of the issue.
Thank you

“fort2” is the back-end compiler (the code generator) so this would be a bug in the compiler. Can you provide a reproducing example so I can file an issue report and we can get it fixed?

You can try reducing the optimization level (i.e. change “-fast -O4” to “-O1” or “-O0”) to see if it works around the problem.


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It’s not easy for me to provide with an isolated example but I’ll try to come up with something over the next couple of days.

If you can’t, can you share the full source file and any dependent module files?

Hi Mat,
Sorry as I’ve been completely tied up with other projects. I saw that other users have reported similar issues so I’m just closing the thread. Thanks.