Errors In process of project compilation HELP _HELP

So, I have videocard GeForce 9800GT with installed drivers…

My soft installation order was:

  1. CUDA driver
  2. MS Visual Studio 2005
  3. CUDA Toolkit
  5. CUDA VS Wizard

then, I am opening MS VS 2005, creating a new project CUDA ConsoleApp. there is “ready” code of cuda-programm. In process of project compilation find out 100 errors :unsure: , for example:

  1. C:\CUDA\include\common_functions.h(287): error: expected a file name


  1. C:\CUDA\include\texture_fetch_functions.h(119): error: expected a file name.

After that, I have deleted all functions in programm code, except function MAIN - this function I have left, but have made its body empty.

In process of project compilation find out 3 errors :confused: , for example:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users|Application Data\ NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK\C\common\inc\cutil_inline.h
error: newline in constant

What could I make incorrectly and how I can solve this problem?


I have such problem and I don’t know what to do :ermm: