errors in the vs2012 editior with .cu files

after some problems with different versions of optiX and CUDA i decided to use OptiX SDK 3.5.1 and CUDA v5.5 with VS 2012 Professional. The precompiled samples do run on my pc - Windows 7 64bit Geforce 9600M GT. …

Now i am be able to create OptiX Projekts in VS2012 which are built and run right. The Optix_Samples created with CMake do run as well. In both .cu files in vs2012 editor show errors e.g:
rtDeclareVariable(float3, eye, , ); explicit typ missing int assumed,identifier “eye” is undefined, expected a typ specifier
rtBuffer is not a template

What do i have to do to get the editor working right? Did i made mistakes with the installation? are these errors usually?
It seems i have to add some libs or so manually, but i didnt get it.
help would be helpful,thx.xD

You mean compilation of your project generally works and only the MSVS editor underlines these code places and complains about something it doesn’t understand?
Solution: Don’t care.
These macros are only defined for the device code. See optix_device.h which is only included by optix.h or optix_world.h if the compiler is CUDA’s nvcc. The MSVS host compiler doesn’t know about these macros inside its IDE then.

so there is no way to get it.
thank you