ESXi 6.7 & new Mellanox CX556A NICS driver issue

Running a SuperMicro 1029GQ-TVRT blade that had two Mellanox 100Gbps NICs. One of the NICs died so we ordered new NICs.
Old NIC = ConnectX-5 EDR / CX556A / Rev: AB (2020-09-25)
New NIC = ConnectX-5 EDR / CX55A / Rev: B7 (2023-09-26)

I cannot get the new NIC to work or show in the GUI. It shows under the hardware tab when logged into the ESXi host but will show no-where else. Looking into the log files, it has an issue with the driver. Error:

“Failed to set driver for 0x562f4309ca8c4a5: Unable to complete Sysinfo operation. Please see the VMkernel log for more details.”
“Error binding driver vmkernel for bus=logical addr=pci#s0000001b.00#0 id=com.vmware.HBAPort”

Also followed several articles from broadcom which verifies the card is not loading and failing to accept the current driver. The driver we are using is the latest = The next version up is for ESXi8.0.

Initially I put two new NICs in and they both had the same problem (ruled out PCI slots etc.)
I put one of the old NICs back in and it works just fine. Now the blade has one old NIC and one new NIC.

Any suggestions here?