Ethernet Port Not working in Xavier NX SOM Production Module /Xavier NX SOM Production Module - Not Detecting with Carrier Baord

Dear Colleagues,
We are facing below issues with Xavier NX SOM Production Moudule during the functional testing process.

  1. Ethernet port is not connected and IP address is not identified. Refer attachment : Xavier NX SOM Ethernet Port Issue.pdf (|attachment Xavier NX SOM Ethernet Port Issue (609.0 KB) ) .
  2. Xa.NX SOM Production Module is not identified .Refer attachment :Xavier NX SOM not detecting.pdf (|attachment Xavier NX SOM Ethernet Port Issue (609.0 KB) ) .
    Request you to guide us to resolve this issues.
    Meantime , can anyone support us by giving the
    Problem Escalation Matrix with contact details and to get in touch with INDIA region NVIDIA technical support guys and resolve this issues .

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Mobile: ( +91 9600005089).

Some information may be useful to you, but this is not in any particular order…

When flashing the Jetson has to be in recovery mode, but steps of adding optional software requires the Jetson to be fully booted. After a flash the Jetson should self-reboot to make it possible to add optional software, but you must first complete the first boot setup (ssh cannot add software if there is no account to log in with).

The IP address for adding optional software can be any valid address of the Jetson. If the flash succeeded and the Jetson fully rebooted, then the micro-B cable attaching between Jetson and host PC (which was used for flash) will begin to show up as a network device. In this case the host PC will have address, and the Jetson will have address As a result the host PC should be able to “ping”.

If the address does not work, then it could be that your host PC has security enabled such that randomly plugging in a USB network device (which is what the Jetson will appear to be) may be refused. In that case you might watch “dmesg --follow”, and then examine the log lines which appear as a result of plugging in the micro-B USB cable. The MAC address could be used to identify which ethernet device to configure. The use of either the standard Ubuntu network configuration tools could enable this, or my favorite tool, “nm-connection-editor” could enable this. If you don’t have nm-connection-editor, then try “sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome”.

You could also log in (assuming you completed first boot setup) and use “ifconfig eth0” to see what the wired ethernet address is, and use that address instead of

Hi ramesh,

Do you mean the ethernet cannot work or the usb device mode cannot work? or both?

Thanks for your inputs, Let me try and revert back to you.
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Hi Wayne,
Please note that there is no issue in USB but Ethernet Port is having connectivity issues and the device ( IP ADD) cannot identified,
FYI- Find the attached reference.

Xavier NX SOM not detecting.docx (514.9 KB)

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Not sure if you notice that all of the document and pictures you are sharing don’t have a ethernet cable mentioned.

If you just cannot see the 192.168.55.x from your host, then it is usb device mode issue…

Please clarify what issue you are talking about.

Hi, Wayne, Noted. Let me share the complete details shortly.

Hi, Wayne,
Pelase findXavier NX SOM Ethernet connnectivity issues.docx (1.3 MB) the attached inputs related to the Ether net Connectivity Issues.

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Could you share me the boot up log and dmesg?

And you should also share

  1. The version of software release you are using.

  2. This issue sounds only happen to your carrier board. Could you elaborate what are A1/A2/B1/B2/B3 boards and what “patches” are needed for your board to have working etherent?

  3. Does this issue happen if you put the module on nv devkit?

Those are the real info you should share but not some unclear description.
You cannot expect other people here to understand your own project in the beginning.

Bootlog dmesg.docx (353.2 KB)
Hi Wayne,
Find the attached details related to the bootlog dmesg.
Further i am adding my engineer to respond on the further queries.
Mr.Gnana Prakash

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This is not dmesg. Please consult with your engineer to understand how to dump dmesg first.

Hi Wayne,

  1. jetpack 4.4
    3.This is Xavier NX SOM Production Moudule not development Moudule.

system stuck on booting but dmesg was soft blocked:no hard blocked:yes

Best Regards,
Gnana Prakash

3.This is Xavier NX SOM Production Moudule not development Moudule.

NX production module can work with nvidia devkit too.

Please dump the dmesg from serial console but not screeen…

will check and let you know

serial console is not provided in the NX board please check the image


This is your own carrier board, if it does not provide a interface to dump serial console, then I cannot help you either.

Please check if you can use command ctrl + alt +f1~6 with usb keyboard and change the tty console on monitor.

Note that the NX and Nano use the same serial console setup. This is provided by pins on a header rather than from a micro-USB port. See:

Please find the attachment for dmesg from the Xa.NX module with Ethernet issue.dmesg.txt (66.4 KB) dmesg_eth0.txt (156 Bytes)


Looks like the device cannot read the mac address from eeprom and cause this problem.

  1. Are you able to dump the serial console?
  2. Is there any result if you use i2cdump on i2s bus 0?

sudo i2cdump -y 0 0x50