EUD Seems Broken in the DCGM Installation Process

Cannot install EUD because cannot be found.

We want to run DCGM -r4 but some of the additional tests will not run because EUD is not installed and it cannot be installed as far as I can tell.

The installation instructions here:
states that the nvidia-diagnostic....deb should be stored in the /usr/share/nvidia/diagnostic/ folder but this folder does not exist.

I have searches extensively for the nvidia-diagnostic package on the local disc, in the repos of my distro, repo’s of other distros, and at the nvidia website. I cannot find it.

Does anyone know the proper procedure for installing this package and/or getting the end user diagnostic tests running on DCGM?

My setup:

  • Dell XE9680 (NVIDIA H100-SXM-80GB (HGX H100))
  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • Driver version: 525.125.06