Evaluating Nvidia GRID for WIndows 2016 RDSH and VMware ESXi (session host, not VDI)

Hi guys,

I’m trying to find a way to offload graphics and other duties to a GPU and it seems GRID can do the job, but all documentation, examples and demos are always related to some sort of VDI solution. I’m looking specifically at Windows 2016 RDSH as we are struggling big time with CPU usage due to what I believe is complex websites, graphics and other rich media.

It may be he case that it is better to move to Citrix Xenapp, but then we needs to budget extra for that and the customer may not be keen.

Would GRID cards really alleviate the load on remote desktop users on session hosted servers like RDSH and Xenapp?

for sure the GPU helps to improve user experience for RDSH and XenApp and to offload to GPU. But you should always start a PoC and test with your workload.



I’ve done an RDSH Windows Server 2016 implementation. Currently, just passthrough is supported, but it does a really good job of it. I’m using GRID P4 cards. In some instances, it’s even Hyper-V on bare metal with two Windows Server 2016 VMs running, each assigned to a specific P4 via Microsoft DDA. It’s definitely IMO a route worth considering.