Example project are present in the app as http linked resource, despite server also offers content on https

Dear Team,
Inside Audio2Face 2023.1.1 app all the example project are linked to plain http port 80 server, despite the same resource is exposed also by https by the server itself.

This cause the app to partially works on Business network, where most of the http traffic are blocked/filtered.


Hi @Andrea.Padovani
Do you mean you can open the example files on a personal computer but not on your work computer because https are blocked at work?

Hi @Ehsan.HM ,
Same exact computer ( laptop ) inside our company network ( VPN or in HQ office ) is unable to open sample projects.
At home with direct internet connection, or even with mobile hotspost, sample project opens without any problem.

I know it’s our company policies, but since it’s pretty common for large business block/filter http plain traffic, and since your aws instance already has a valid ssl certificate and open 443 port, to me looks like it’s more useful replace from the Audio2Face the current http “embedded” link with https.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll discuss this internally.

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