execute jetpack sample code.

Recently, I bought Nvidia Tx2.
And I installed jet 3.0 followed on below link,

However, after completed jetpack

I don’t know how to execute sample code.
Would you help me?

Which sample do you want to use?

CUDA? VisionWorks? MultiMedia API? TensorRT?


After yor JetPack 3.1 installation, you could locate some of the samples…

For multimedia sample,
~/tegra_multimedia_api/samples (compiled during JetPack installation)

TensorRT samples

You should also find other sample directory under /home/nvidia.
Also from

there is a section called ‘Running JetPack samples’. There are plenty of documentation for JetPack and its components. They will be helpful in getting you oriented in various aspects of Jetson development. Have fun!

On my JetPack 3.1, the samples can be found in


For example, cd to the directory, run oceanFFT

$ ./oceanFFT