Export processed video as rtsp

We have a object detection application (running on Jetson Nano) which reads the video from a rtsp stream (using opencv). Once the image read from the rtsp stream is run thro the detection algorithm, the output image has to be exported (continously) as an rtsp stream (which can be viewed from some other machine). I could not find any proper working example related to this. Any links/pointers would definitely help.
Thanks in advance.

Hi there @sivaramakrishnan.nageswar and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Did you check out on the Jetson Nano forums yet? There have been similar discussions before, if a bit older, about rtsp streams. But the principles should still hold.

In general you should look for examples that make use of libgstrtspserver and serve video content from a gstreamer pipeline.

Sorry if I can’t give you more than this, as it is not really an NVIDIA specific thing, but maybe that gets you started.