How to use cv2.VideoWriter to output rtsp stream?

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deepstream 6
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tesnorrt 8
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I want to read a mp4 file and output as rtsp stream. my code like this:

def gstreamer_pipeline_out():
    return (
        "appsrc ! "
        "video/x-raw, format=BGR ! "
        "queue ! "
        "videoconvert ! "
        "video/x-raw, format=BGRx ! "
        "nvvidconv ! "
        "omxh264enc ! "
        "video/x-h264, stream-format=byte-stream ! "
        "h264parse ! "
        "rtph264pay pt=96 config-interval=1 name=test! "
        "udpsink host= port=8554"
video_path = "demo.mp4"
capture = cv2.VideoCapture(video_path)

out = cv2.VideoWriter(gstreamer_pipeline_out(), 0, 60, (1280, 720))

while True:
    ret, frame =
    if not ret:
    img = cv2.blur(frame, (3, 3))

but ,I got error.

I already had a rtsp-simple-server at with port 8554

so, how to output rtsp stream?

and when I run vlc player ,how to got network url ?

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Thank u.The posted your refered is use videowriter to file,but I want output a rtsp ,any suggust for me?

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