Extended lambdas not recognised


I have a code that uses extended device lambdas feature of the latest CUDA 8. The code compiles just fine, but Nsight doesn’t recognize the lambdas and reports syntax errors for all of them. Is there a way to make Nsight work smoothly with extended lambdas?

Thanks, Dmitry

Hi, dimaleks

I have met this problem before and I’m not using extended device lambdas feature.

Eclipse editor can find only the direct includes and adding the include statement in the source code solved the issues.
This is the default eclipse behavior and the same behavior can be observed in Nsight EE as well.

You can try
Right click on the project->Index-> Resolve unresolved includes
Right click on the project->Index-> Rebuild

Hi veraj

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately this doesn’t help.
I guess enabling --expt-extended-lambda not only implies some extra includes (if any at all), but also allows extended syntax. Eclipse underlines the whole lambda with yellow and marks it as “syntax error”.

Thanks, Dmitry

have the same issue , any update ?
Thanks ! :)