Problem with Eclipse Installation on MAC

I’ve just install CUDA environment on my MAC OS 10.8.5 with GT 650M. The deviceQuuery test was passed successfully. I could also perform some compilations and run of provided samples, but Eclipse does not recognises any CUDA-compatible devices, when I check Nsight/Preferences/CUDA Toolkit.
I also “Unable to launch” any debugging function.
Please, help me. It is really critical.

What toolkit version did you install? There was a known issue in final toolkit 5.0 that prevented Nsight from detected graphical adapters.
Note that this does not limit any Nsight functionality - e.g. it is still possible to edit code, build and profile. Local debugging only works on Mac Pros (not the laptops) as it requires dedicated GPU for debugging. Nsight 5.5 also support remote debug.