Nsight debugger mac os x

I’m trying to use Nsight to debug my code, but I always have a warning in console (could not open OSO archive file “/Volumes/Builds/nv/build/rel/r346_00/drivers/gpgpu/bin/310.41.25_mercury_x86_64_Darwin_releas/libNVDAresmanAPI.a”) and a crush that restart my machine.

I’m using a mac book pro retina with an Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M.

I have installed the CUDA toolkit 7.0.

Is my machine able to run the graphical debugger available on Eclipse Nsight or I should use the console debugger?
In the first case, which are the configuration to make in order to use the debugger tool?

are you confident that cuda is correctly installed?
have you tried running some of the samples?