Nsight 10.0 and macOS High Sierra problem (can't start process)

Apparently also Nsight 10.0 in the just recently released CUDA 10.0 SDK has the same issue of Nsight 9.2 on macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) when trying to launch an executable it says:

Error starting process
Cannot create pty
Cannot create pty
Cannot create pty

Adding the Nsight plugin to Eclipse Photon and updating the workspace and then the project to change the Toolchain editor from CUDA Toolkit 10.0 to CUDA MACOSX toolchain works (although I’m unable to debug).
There’s still a warning: Orphaned configuration. No base extension cfg exists for com.nvidia.cuda.ide.seven_five.configuration.debug.2099148028

I’d really like if NVIDIA could update the NSIGHT provided with CUDA Toolkit, but if someone can help me to set a project to make it debuggable it would also be great.

Hi, mbertini

Sorry there is no plan to update NSIGHT again. The main product for build/debug will be Nsight Plugin.
All new features will be developed in the later product.

Thanks. Using the latest Eclipse (2018-09) the warning about orphaned configuration has disappeared.