Nsight Eclipse Edition

I just installed the 11.1 toolkit on Ubuntu (20.04) using the run file and I expected to run nsight, but it is nowhere to be found. The compute and system versions are there, but not the Eclipse Edition IDE. What else am I supposed to do?

It looks like Nvidia no longer bundles Nsight with the toolkit, rather, they provide the EE plugins for a normal Eclipse install. So far, this has proven to be an inferior approach for the application I’m attempting to build (cuFFTDx, in particular). I’ll post that grief in another topic.

The latest version of Nsight EE I can find (for Unbuntu 20.04) is 10.1. Verification from Nvidia would be appreciated.

It turns out Nsight’s deprecation was documented in version 10.2 (I skipped 10 altogether).

Sadly, the new method of running Nsight (essentially a “skinned” Eclipse) has resulted in a serious memory leak requiring either more knowledge on my part to mitigate, or a better implementation overall. In general, the heap climbs eternally forcing restart every few hours of continual use.