NsightEE not visible in /usr/loca/cuda-11.x/

As Nsight Eclipse Edition is discontinued, now we should use Eclipse Plug-in as explained in Nsight Eclipse Plugins Edition Getting Started Guide (nvidia.com)

I am using Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS (64 bit) and I have installed NVCC. nvcc --version returns

nvcc: NVIDIA (R) Cuda compiler driver
Copyright (c) 2005-2022 NVIDIA Corporation
Built on Thu_Feb_10_18:23:41_PST_2022
Cuda compilation tools, release 11.6, V11.6.112
Build cuda_11.6.r11.6/compiler.30978841_0

Here is my problem,
Per installation guideline for adding extension to eclipse,
In Eclipse > Help > Install New Software > Add Repository
In that, We need to add path in “location”, ideally it should be /usr/local/cuda-11.6/nsightee_plugins

However, this plugin is not available in my directory(/usr/local/cuda-11.6/). Can some one please guide?

You should have this path available to you for CUDA 11.6:

  • /usr/local/cuda-11.6/nsightee_plugins/com.nvidia.cuda.repo-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.zip

Is this file missing from your CUDA install? If so, you’ll want to try reinstalling CUDA, as this file should be available. Either the file was inadvertently deleted after install, or perhaps an option was selected during install to skip the installation of the Eclipse plugins.

While CUDA 11.6 may work for you, please be aware that CUDA 11.6 is relatively old. The latest CUDA version is 12.0, and is available for download if you want to migrate to the most up-to-date version.

Thanks @steveu !

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