Stauts and future of nSight-Eclipse vis-a-vis Eclipse CDT itself?

(This is a question for nVIDIA’s mostly:)

nSight-Eclipse seems to be based on a pretty old version of Eclipse CDT. Also, if this repository is the valid/up-to-date one - than it hasn’t seen updates in years.

Does nVIDIA plan to bring nSight up-to-date / rebase it off of newer versions of Eclipse CDT? If so, is there a time estimate or concrete plan for doing so?

Alternatively, has thought been given to the possibility of trying to get CUDA support into Eclipse CDT itself? Or as a plug-in that could fit in addition to / on top of ant CDT version? (Not sure if that’s possible.)

PS - May 1st greetings to all workers, at nVIDIA, in the Corona-stricken US and everywhere.

I may be misunderstanding your exact requirement, but my understanding is that the standalone Nsight Eclipse Edition no longer exists and that the current Cuda Toolkit includes an Eclipse plugin package (for Linux at least).

Currently running Cuda 10.2 in Eclipse Version: 2020-03 (4.15.0) without any obvious problems - the approved Eclipse version is somewhat older.


@rs277: Thanks. I’ve installed the plugin, on an approved Eclipse version, even, but it’s not clear to me whether the plugin covers all features which the modified-whole-Eclipse version used to offer. Do you know whether it does? So far I’ve only noticed minutiae, like the lack of background highlighting of device-side code (I got a little used to the light yellow background…)

Sorry, I’ve only just recently started using Cuda, so this is all I know.