Nsight vs Eclipse


Is there any advantage of using nsight eclipse edition instead of using any eclipse edition which is configured with cuda compiler and debugger (g++ , gdbserver of cuda toolchain ) ?


Yes, there are several advantages. nVIDIA has plugins in Eclipse, e.g. for accepting and highlighting CUDA syntax (such as host-side/device-side code), debugging on-device code, and profiling.

It’s a shame, however, that these plugins are not supported independently, so that you could just stick them onto any Eclipse variant.


So, If I understand from what you say, is that I better not try to add cuda toolchain in eclipse (it might also not work at all?) , but rather just stick to the nsight edition.
by the way, what are the additional plugins which nsight provide, i.e. isn’t debugger and compiler are all that needed for developing, just as done in any other environments ?