Nsight with Docker Tooling

I need to make nsight 7.5 working on ubuntu 16.04 with Docker tooling. Does anyone have similar experience?

I try to install Docker from: http://download.eclipse.org/linuxtools/update-docker-2.0.0/

but it gives me errors.


Normally we will use nvidia-docker directly https://github.com/NVIDIA/nvidia-docker/wiki

With this, we can install cuda toolkit on it.

@veraj thank you for you reply. I have a functional installation of nvidia-docker on AWS now, but it not clear to me how can we install cuda toolkit on it.

In principle, I will need to have a stateful nsight installation. By stateful, I mean to be able to install extra eclipse plugins, to configure my projects with different parameters and be able to find the nsight status ready the next time I launch it. I guess that would not be possible if I install the toolkit in the container. What I had in mind to achieve here is a similar solution as described in this example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUgEgtLux8Q.

Can you maybe share some reference info how can I do that?

Hi, pnik

You mean you want to use other Eclipse feature and hope the Nsight can use as Eclipse plugin, right ?

Nsight Plugin will be published soon together with cuda 9.0. Then you can install nsight plugin seperately.

@veraj having an nsight plugin for Eclipse sounds awesome! Would that work together with Docker Tooling? Do you know when that is gonna be released?

Wrt the stateful nsight, so far I have been using Nvidia Nsight plus Pydev and other Eclipse plugins on my DEV environments, where my library dependencies were installed on the local OS (not in Docker image). Now, I have a functional Docker image that builds my library on bash and I want to reuse that image through an IDE (preferably nsight) that maintains the status of my plugins and project configurations.

However, if I install the Nvidia Nsight in the Nvidia-docker, I will have to reconfigure the IDE with the plugins and reload my library project every time I run the container. If that is indeed true, I would need to install nsight on my DEV such that it “remembers” my previous configuration status and it hopefully can use the library dependencies from my docker image. Is my last assumption correct and how can I achieve this stateful nsight behaviour using docker images via nvidia-docker or else?

Thanks again!

Hi, pink

Sorry I’m not sure about the release date.
I’m afraid the feature similar to “Docker Tooling in Eclipse mars” not supported yet.
I will check with the developer and get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for raising this.

@veraj thanks again. Any feedback yet? Shall I hope that we get something functional from nvidia soon?

Hi, pnik

Checked already.
Docker tooling plugins are available only from Eclipse 4.5.
So you have to wait for CUDA 9.0 and then install both Nsight plugins and docker plugins.


Hi maybe someone of you already used Eclipse + Nsight plugins + Docker?
and can answer some of my questions.

  1. Is possible do remote debug CUDA application in container with Eclipse?
  2. Also is possible to build cuda app using Eclipse in docker container?
    in such way that on host I don’t want install Nvidia Toolkit