installing nsight for remote (AWS) cuda development

I have been unsuccessful at two attempts to install nsight to my local machine for the purpose of remote cuda development. Please help!

Section 3.1 of indicates that installing nsight requires installation of the cuda driver. I desire to do GPU development remotely; I cannot install the driver to my local machine.

Prior to this, I attempted installation from conda (conda install cudatoolkit), but nsight was not immediately available–it required conda install nvidia-nsight–after which I was able to launch nsight, but unable to access the help files. Help -> Help Contents opened a web-browser, but displayed only an error.

Hi, marty0801

NsightEE is releases with cuda toolkit.
You need install cuda toolkit to enable it.

And if you do not want install cuda driver, you can ignore this.

  1. If you are using ***.run to install toolkit, just input “no” when query about driver installation
  2. If you are using ***.deb to install toolkit, please use apt-get install cuda-toolkit-9-2(replace with the version you used) instead of apt-get install cuda, then the driver installation will ignored

After install finish, you’ll find nsight at /usr/local/cuda/bin