Nsignt eclipse plugin

Dear support,
I reinstalled cuda by using link CUDA Toolkit 12.1 Update 1 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer
in my ORIN AverMedia board.
all installed properly.
But i still do not have nsightee_plugins/ directory. What could be the problem here? Is it possible to download nsignt eclipse plugin ? could you pls send link to it?


Can you share what you see is the cuda install directory with a command similar to this (update for your exact machine):

ls /usr/local/cuda-12.1/

I’m wondering if it’s just eclipse or if something more could be going on. Also, how did you get and install CUDA? Was it via SDK manager or manual download etc…?

i installed versvion version of cuda (11.4) via SDK. and there was not there nsignt eclipse plugin directory.
after it i reinstalled it manually from link CUDA Toolkit 12.1 Update 1 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer, but get the same result. i do not see nsignt eclipse plugin also.