Nsight on Os X 10.8.4 - Launch Failed. Binary not found

I’ve successfully installed Cuda SDK and tested the compiler with an HelloWorld. Then I’ve opened Nsight and I’ve tried with the same code. I got this answer " Launch Failed. Binary not found." Is this a problem of the compiler involved in Nsight?
I use a Macbook Pro late 2008 with Geforce 9400M and Geforce 9600M GT

thank you

Unfortunately, there is a known issue in Nsight that you need to build your project manually at least once before starting debug session. Simply click a hammer icon on the main toolbar.

are there any IDEs that work perfectly in Os X?

thank you

To the best of my knowledge, Nsight EE is the only full IDE on Mac OS X with CUDA C support.

Why don’t they fix these bugs?