External display hangs or freezes regularly when Chrome with hardware acceleration is open on reverse PRIME setup

Hi, I recently moved from Arch to Fedora. I use Xorg, and have NVIDIA set up with reverse PRIME configuration: NVIDIA is the main GPU, and my iGPU works as a passthrough. My external (HDMI) monitor is connected straight to the NVIDIA GPU, while the laptop’s external display is connected to the iGPU.

The problem I am experiencing is that the external display regularly hangs or freezes. The problem is particularly noticeable when Google Chrome is open with hardware acceleration enabled.

The internal display does keep working, making me think this is some issue with NVIDIA. The problem also does not occur when the HDMI monitor is disconnected.

A nvidia-bug-report log taken right after a crash today is attached. The display regularly freezes for a second of two, but the attached log is from a freeze that was unrecoverable.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (302.1 KB)

hi, i am experiencing the same problem. i am not sure if this is chrome related. i disabled the hardware acceleration to test. here is a issue with my specs i made at manjaro forums

@bjorn.pijnacker have you found any solution? i think disabling google chrome chrome’s hardware acceleration fixed the majority of the issue. no more freezing of the external monitor while working. but somehow gnome will not let me move the external monitor to the left in display settings. when i try to do this, the monitor will freeze.

any feedback is much appriciated!

@keevitaja Disabling hardware accelaration was not a suitable solution for me, as I do actually need it. For me, using the Flatpak version of Chrome instead of the RPM version mitigated the issue, even though they are the same version. If you’re alright with having Chrome as Flatpak, I’d suggest using it.

I won’t mark this as a solution, since the problem isn’t actually solved, of course.