External display

I have an HP Omen laptop and an external screen connected to an HDMI port.
Recently I installed Ubuntu on dual boot.
Graphics drivers from "Additional Drivers" was set to "X.org X server" by default as I remember. I wanted to see the GPU temps end the Nvidia control panel itself, so I changed the drivers to "Nvidia driver metapackage from Nvidia-driver-525 (proprietary)" (open kernel version) and after Linux restart second screen stopped working, then I tried the normal version not open, also 515 instead of 525 but neither of them worked.

wTRUte0_d.webp (760×428) (imgur.com)

However, the panel displayed everything correctly. Then I booted back windows and the screen wasn't detectable in this OS too. I tried reinstalling the Ubuntu, drivers on Windows and reinstalling the Windows itself, however, the HDMI port acts like nothing is connected to it (Cable and Display work normally I tested on other hardware).
So the fact that the issue remains the same between OSes informs that it's a lower-level type (maybe related to the kernel?). (btw tried restoring the BIOS defaults too).
Does anyone have an idea how can I deal with this issue?

Additionally, if this could be helpful information (I don't have knowledge about it) when Ubuntu is booting at POST process, as everyone knows it displays some text information on the screen and at a glance, I saw "HDMI refused" or something text like that. Also, I had secure boot enabled and set the password for Ubuntu to download the third-party drivers.

Please run nvidia-bug-report.sh as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (365.5 KB)

There’s absolutely no connection visible, so if your cable and monitor is working, I guess the connector on the notebook is broken. Does it have any other external connectors you can try? Still under warranty?

Yeah, cable and monitor work, however, this issue occurred after the driver change on Ubuntu. What could have happened to the port on driver update and restart…
My GPU also has a Mini DP port, but I don’t have a converter to try it. I have doubts that ports, which are, directly connected to GPU won’t work. Additionally, I have type-c/thunderbolt-4 too, however, don’t have its converter either.

I have no knowledge about this but on the Linux post screen I’m getting the following message “DDC responded, but no EDID for HDMI-A-2”. This may be nothing, but I noticed HDMI and that’s why I’m writing.

That message rather looks like one the nouveau driver would emit, not the nvidia driver. Also, the message points to the gpu detects something on the hdmi port but can’t establish a connection.

Yeah, it’s nouveau one. Here’s the full one if you can understand something.

Would still point to either the monitor, cable or connector is broken.