External SSD for Nano

Hi! I would like to ask, if it would be better to install OS for Nano on External SSD rather than sdcard. I have a one with USB 3.0 and I’m not using it. So Becomes the OS faster on SSD or will it be just more power-consuming?

Things are definitely faster but unfortunately, you can’t boot from a USB hard drive so you still need the sdcard for the initial; boot process.

See this article for why and how to get at least your root filesystem on to an external ssd.

Does anybody know whether the behavior of mounting devices changed with L4T R32.3.1?
To be honest I’m quite a Linux novice and I have done the above mentioned method of jetsonhacks for R32.2.1 and R32.3.1.
And R32.3.1 behaves differently, as I would assume. With R32.3.1 I also managed to put the root filesystem to SSD. But in contrast to R32.2.1 the SSD is also visible in


So, If I use find in root I get messages like this

find: File system loop detected; ‘/media/7d1c96df-3dd2-4844-a7c1-be0b6d20c55d’ is part of the same file system loop as ‘/’.

How can I fix this?

Yeah this is annoying and I never got around to finding a permanent fix but you can stop them from automounting with the following command…

$ sudo systemctl mask  $(systemd-escape media/<uuid>.automount)

Note, there’s no ‘/’ at the beginning of “media”.

Thanks a lot for your reply, it works