Extracting synthetic data from ISAAC sim to other processes (written in C++) at a high rate

I am trying to stream camera frames from ISAAC sim to a different process (a C++ program) on the same machine. Currently I am reading the frames from the cameras using omni.syntheticdata.sensors.get_rgb() and then writing them to named pipes, which I read from the C++ program.

This yields acceptable performance for now, but it seems inefficient. Is this the right way to do it? Can I somehow read the frames directly from C++? How do they get from the engine into the python sensors API?

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that is a good point, we are currently checking if there are ways to access the data through c++ using the public API. I will get back to you if it is currently possible or it is going to be something supported in the near future.


Do you have any updates/ETA to share on this?

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C++ extensions and OG nodes should be supported with kit 104.x and our upcoming 104.x based release. We will test to make sure that SDG access is possible on our end.

The repo itself is already public.

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