Eye Movement

Hello. I am using the mark_solved_arkit in a2f and then exporting a USD file for Unreal Engine. Works great! However I don’t see exactly how I can animate the eyes in a2f with keyframes.

Also the model on screen is the bald blue guy with no pupils. So even if I could move the yes, I can’t tell which direction they are looking.


Currently, we can’t manually animate the eyes in A2F.

Mark doesn’t have eye meshes, but Claire does if you want to get a feeling of how eyes move automatically with the audio inside A2F.

The eye rotations will be exported or streamed automatically. But if you want to see the eyeballs rotate inside A2F, then you can use WritePrimAttribute

Thank you! I’ll check it out.


Could the gaze locator be attached to an object that was animated in Maya or Blender and then imported onto the stage?

Can you take a look at this video and see if it is what you need?

Thank you, yes. That is close to what I am suggesting, but it is fairly complex. I will see if I can replicate.