Fail in running `samples/python/introductory_parser_samples/` (Where is `resnet50-inf...

I tried to run samples/python/introductory_parser_samples/

The code searches ["binoculars.jpeg", "reflex_camera.jpeg", "tabby_tiger_cat.jpg", "resnet50-infer-5.uff", "class_labels.txt"] in DATA_DIR/resnet50. However, when I installed TensorRT 5.0, there was no such files.

DATA_DIR only has subfolders of char-rcnn, faster-rcnn, googlenet, mlp, and mnist. Where I can get the example image files and uff model file?


the data should be in

root@e767da0f314e:/workspace/tensorrt/python/data/resnet50# ls
ResNet50.onnx         ResNet50_fp32.caffemodel  binoculars.jpeg  class_labels.txt  reflex_camera.jpeg    tabby_tiger_cat.jpg
ResNet50_N2.prototxt  binoculars-cc0.jpeg       canon-cc0.jpeg   mug-cc0.jpeg      resnet50-infer-5.uff

this seems to work for me.

oot@e767da0f314e:/workspace/tensorrt/samples/python/introductory_parser_samples# python -d /workspace/tensorrt/python/data/
Recognized /workspace/tensorrt/python/data/resnet50/tabby_tiger_cat.jpg as tabby

I see, thanks. It was my mistake. I was looking for “TensorRT-”, but it was “TensorRT-”.