Fedora: deprecated ML repo, but no new cuDNN in Fedora 39 repo

Hi all.

I note from this post that the Nvidia machine learning repository is now deprecated in favour of distributing, for example, libcudnn in the main CUDA RPM repository.

However, I also note that libcudnn et al are NOT available in the fedora 39 repository, whereas I note, for example, that they are available in the Ubuntu 22.04 repository.

Are there plans to eventually bring the Fedora repositories back up-to-date, or is one now expected to use the RHEL repositories to keep up-to-date when using Fedora?

Many thanks.

Hi @jamesturner246 ,
I am checking on this with the team and shall get back to you.


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Great. Thank you.

Any word on this?
I need cudnn for F39.

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