Feedback about documentation of JetPack 6.0

I found problems about the documentation of JetPack 6.0. So, I send feedback.
I think that NVIDIA should check internally before DP release.

1. Page Not Found

In, there is the following description.

Jetson Linux Sources are now available on GIT in addition to the Jetson Jetson Linux page. Refer to section Jetson Linux Developer Guide .

But, these link has expired.

2. Support platform of SDK Manager

In, there is the following description.

Description Supported Version
Host machine Linux distribution for ashing software onto Jetson devices Ubuntu x64 18.04 or 20.04 (x64 distribution)

On the other hands, says that SDK Manager support Ubuntu x64 22.04. So, I confused.

3. VPI document

In, there is the following description.

JetPack 6.0 DP includes VPI 3.0 with following highlights:

But, I could not find VPI 3.0 document from

@dandelion1124 thanks for the feedback.

For 1, thank you. We will correct it.

For 2, 18.04, 20.04 and 22.04 all are supported for this release.

For 3, VPI documentation is not live yet. We will be making it live soon.

@suhash Thank you for your reply. I understood. I’m looking forward to the documentation of VPI 3.0.

@dandelion1124 sorry to be late but VPI 3.0 documentation was updated yesterday.

One question about manually kernel in JetPack 6.0.

Accordint to the Jetson Linux Developer Guide:
To Manually Download and Expand the Kernel Sources

$ tar xf public_sources.tbz2 -C /jp6.0/Linux_for_Tegra/..
$ cd /jp6.0/Linux_for_Tegra/source
$ tar xf kernel_src.tbz2
$ tar xf kernel_oot_modules_src.tbz2
$ tar xf nvidia_kernel_display_driver_source.tbz2

But I can’t find kernel_src.tbz2, kernel_oot_modules_src.tbz2, nvidia_kernel_display_driver_source.tbz2 files in /jp6.0/Linux_for_Tegra/source.
How to get these files?

The other question about build kernel source with Git.

To Sync the Kernel Sources with Git

$ cd <install-path>/Linux_for_Tegra/source
$ ./ -k -t <release-tag>

Which < release-tag > is for JetPack 6.0 kernel source?

Hi @sammyb7qw7
Please make a new post for your queries. Thanks.

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