Fermi-Based Cards

Dear CUDA community,

I’m trying to find a source where I can see which cards supports the Fermi architecture, I saw the Programming Guide 3.0 and there’s no card supporting Fermi in that list. Can anyone provide that information?

Thank you in advance


Not sure exactly what you mean by this question. If you’re asking which cards use the Fermi chip, the answer is the GTX 465, GTX 470, and GTX 480, as of 6/3/10. Any card labeled GTX 2xx is the previous generation.

If that’s not what you’re asking, please refine and/or rephrase the question.



Dear Martin,

I’m very sorry any ambiguity about my question, but you understood clearly, I wanted to know which cards supports Fermi, because some colleagues want to buy a Tesla card (C2050), now I know they are about to commit a serious mistake.

Thank you for your fast reply!!!

pd: where did you take that info??

The Telsa C2050 is also a Fermi based card, so no serious mistake…

where I can see that?


Tesla C2050 has many advantages for CUDA applications over GeForce GTX 470/480: