FFMPEG - Cannot Init CUDA

Hello -

I am running 385.41 on VMWare 6.5. I am trying to use FFMPEG for NVENC access however I am receiving an error of "Cannot Init CUDA".

Any ideas?


What Tesla board do you use and which vGPU profile? CUDA and vGPU is only supported with Pascal boards. If you use M10 or M60 you can only use Passthrough or 8GB profile.

The M60 with the 4Q profile. Why the limitation of 8Q or passthrough?

because FFMPG seems to need CUDA which is not available on Maxwell vGPU

The reason for the use of specifically 8Q or Passthrough, is that once allocated to a VM, no other VMs are able to use that GPU. The reason that’s important, is because there is no “preemption” with Maxwell, that’s a Pascal and newer technology. So if you were to use a Pascal GRID GPU, you can use CUDA with all vWS profiles.