Firefox crash after suspend/resume

This might also be a firefox bug, but since the stack trace shows libnvidia-glcore, I think I should probably report here too.

Basically if I have firefox open, and then suspend and resume, firefox will sometimes crash, here is an example crash report:

Sometimes firefox will complete freeze up, I am not sure if that’s the same bug.

I have not had crashes after suspend/resume (410.73 driver), but new pages refusing to render at all after coming out of suspend. The main firefox does not crash, but whatever does the rendering.

What helps a bit (and is a hack) is killing all the “helper” processes, i.e. the child processes which show up like firefox -contentproc -childID 1 -isForBrowser, then the UI will give you the option to restart them:

ps aux | grep conten[t]proc | awk '{ print $2 }' | xargs kill

For me using kernel 4.19, Firefox 64 and driver version 415.25 the render freezes have stopped after suspend and resume (though I never had crashes).

Can be done slightly cleaner with pkill (which is standard in most places these days):

pkill -f contentproc