Flash Jetson TX2(i) with another Jetson

I have a setup with two Jetsons (both Jetson Tx2i) connected between them (in custom carriers) through an USB OTG. The first Jetson is detecting the other one that is in recovery mode.

The problem is that the binaries for flashing the Jetson are for x86, wright? Are there some binaries compiled for arm64? In particular, the binary that fails is:

./tegrarcm_v2: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Thanks in advance

maybe running a VM on the Jetson, but than you face problems of flashing from a VM :)

No, that can’t work, there is no arm64 version for flashing device.

Ok, no flashing binaries for arm64, but you think doing some magic with qemu could work?

Btw, thanks for the quick reply.

This is just opinion, but if QEMU were used correctly, then it might work. Odds of success are quite low. The effort would require an enormous learning curve and a lot of trial and error. Even on a native Linux PC just using a VM can cause many issues. Also, the flash software takes several times the storage space of an entire Jetson, and so your flash source would need to be updated with a much larger storage mechanism beyond what any default eMMC model limit might be.

Hi! That’s true, as long as nVidia doesn’t compile the binaries for their own platform. You could make a difference!

Is there any chance you could release (an unsupported version of) the binaries to be used in a Jetson?

There is no plan to support on Jetson, sorry.