Flash TX2 on custom carrier board from TX2 development board

Is it possible to flash a TX2 from another TX2? I know that the binaries contained in the jetpack are only available for amd64 processors (tegrarcm_v2). Is there a possibility to get this for arm64 as well.

Sorry, we don’t support such case.

Is there a special reason why you are not making the binarys available for arm64?


We don’t see need for such request. Why do you need to use tegra to flash another tegra?

We produce our own baseboard and would like to provide our suppliers with test equipment for a production test. Our baseboard with TX2 would be suitable here and we would not have to provide an Intel or AMD-based system


Your suppliers should prepare their own ubuntu system and use it with your driver package to do this work. TX2 has only limited capacity and bandwidth and not suitable to do this work.