Flashing triangles bug is driving me crazy

Video of the bug happening:

I’m totally stuck on this one and i’m thinking its a driver bug. but i’ve been unsuccessful at making an independent unit test program.

3060 Ti (OpenGL 3.3.0 NVIDIA 470.57.02)
Linux Mint

Hi @user1081! Wow! Yes, I can see why this would be annoying. I want to make sure that your post goes to the right person however, I can’t tell from your code if it is a NVIDIA Omniverse bug or if I need to direct your post to the Linux Driver team. Are you using Omniverse? If so, what are you trying to build?

Oh did i use the wrong subforum? yeah i’m not using omniverse, sorry about that! I switched in my raedon card and got a compiler warning about reading from a value before setting it; so i’m assuming that was the cause? but i haven’t tested it. Its disappointing the nivida drivers gave me no warning, the nvidia glsl messages are consistently less clear and sparser than the AMD ones.

Not a problem. I am informing the driver team. And I agree, a warning or error message would be very helpful here.