System reading as llvmpipe/MESA instead of NVIDIA driver

Hello. While attempting to play Victoria 3, the game crashes after launching. According to Paradox Support, the game is reading the driver as llvmpipe/MESA instead of NVIDIA. I suspect that other games may also be doing this as well, causing performance issues. How do I confirm the correct drivers are being read? How can I have the system read NVIDIA’s Vulkan instead of OpenGL. Attached is the most recent Bug Report. Thanks.
nvidia-bug-report.log (869.3 KB)

I can’t see any setup issues in the logs, the Xserver is running the nvidia driver, there’s only the nvidia vulkan icd installed and both Vulkan and OpenGL seem to work fine. Only error in the logs was

WARNING: CPU: 7 PID: 1639 at /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/525.147.05/build/nvidia-drm/nvidia-drm-gem-user-memory.c:130 __nv_drm_gem_user_memory_handle_vma_fault+0x86/0x90 [nvidia_drm]

Don’t know whether this was triggered by Victoria 3, also rather points to a general driver issue. Please check if you can upgrade the driver to 535 or 545.