Flashing TX1 from Windows


We are developing a product using the TX1. The units are assembled and programmed offsite by a sub-contractor who has little or no linux knowledge. Short of using a virtual machine running ubuntu is there any way to program the TX1 modules from a windows box?


There’s no official way of using Windows to flash a TX1. Even using a virtual machine is not supported.

Ultimately the flashing script is written in python, so you may be able to take the flash script, tegraflash.py, and port it to Windows. However your best bet is to find a better sub-contractor or teach them how to use Linux.

The flash script calls an x86_64 Linux executable, so even if you port python scripts, you will be out of luck. Should you port the x86_64 Linux binaries, Windows does not have loopback mounting ability, nor does it understand Linux file system creation and permissions…this would still not work under Windows. A VM could work, but as mentioned, there could be problems requiring some VM expertise to solve.

A VM works without any problems whatsoever. I use a Virtualbox Mint VM exclusively for everything I do with the TX1. For flashing you just need to capture the NVidia device in the VM and proceed as normal.

I guess windows is not an option then so will need to find a way to wrap it up to be idiot proof :-)

whats about flashing via JTAG. e.g Segger Jlink ?
someone is using this method?

I had many issues flashing over a VM (on a Mac), although it seems more like an issue with the VM. I’d basically loose the USB connection with the board 90% through the flashing process and have to redo it from scratch. All of that went away when I got a PC with Ubuntu and flashed form that.

No support for JTAG flash that I know of.