Flashing USB with Docker command?

I’m trying to follow these steps to make a bootable image on a USB drive (actually a USB to NVMe adapter).

Step 6 calls for issuing these commands on a host machine, but my host machine runs 22.04, and thus I’ve been using the Docker image for sdkmanager.

$ cd Linux_for_Tegra/
$ sudo BOOTDEV=sda1 ./flash.sh --no-flash <board> sda1
$ sudo mkdir tmp_system
$ sudo mount bootloader/system.img.raw ./tmp_system
$ sudo rsync -axHAWX --numeric-ids --info=progress2 --exclude=/proc ./tmp_system/ /mnt

Can this be accomplished via the docker sdkmanager CLI?

Hi rmann,

The steps here is used with Linux based console. SDK Manager is used to download/flash image directly. Please get a Ubuntu18.04 as your host PC to do these.

Wow that’s just Nvidia’s answer to everything, isn’t it? USE OUTDATED SOFTWARE.

JP4 is available for Ubuntu16.04/18.04.
JP5 is available for Ubuntu18.04/20.04.

That is what we verified and confirmed it could work as normal so we suggest them.
You still can try other ways to achieve this and fix the resulting issue.

And you provide a docker image for 18.04 sdkmanager. I was able to flash the SD card of my Jetson just fine from 22.04 using that. I’m asking if I can also use that to write a filesystem to a USB drive so that I can boot from USB.

Actually, we don’t suggest using docker/WSL2/VM to develop Jetson L4T, there are too many issues like unstable connection during flash.

If you can do this, then please just keep finishing the rest of steps on your Ubuntu 22.04 host PC.

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