Flex in Unity

Hi there.

Anyone get the nVidia Flex plugins fluid renderer working in VR (rift)? Looks like its not compatible, rendering wrong - as cross eyed double vision blackness where pretty fluid water should be as indicated in editor on play. Tried changing stereo rendering method but no beans. Anyone have same problem or found a fix?

It’s frustrating because it looks awesome in editor window.

I have the same problem. I suspect its somehow a shader problem… I was first working with this in Unreal Engine because it has been available for Unreal Engine for some time and I finally managed to build a version of the engine with FleX installed. It does not have this problem with VR, although it does not look as… clear as everything else.

But the reason I mention all of this, is that the files for the Unity Plugin clearly seems based on what they made for Unreal Engine… calling stuff actors and such shows this. I suspect the shader used for the water here might have been a slightly modified version of the UE4 shader. UE4 seems to render VR differently. They dont call it single pass and multi pass, so maybe they have to do the shaders differently in UE4 to make them work for VR.

Could also be its something else, but from looking at it, I am still pretty certain its some kind of shader problem. My test is water pouring down on a plane, and each eye shows the water hitting a different spot on the plane. Neither eye actually hits the spot that it should hit. The physics of the water itself also seems to be off, so that where the water runs over the sides of the plane it flows a bit too far, probably due to the water not flowing where the physics considers it to be flowing.

Sadly I suck at shaders.