Flickering and ghosting issues with IPS display on Dell Laptop w/K2000M

My son just got a “new” laptop which is a Dell M4600, which has a Quadro K2000M and a 1920x1080 IPS display. We are having issues with flickering and ghosting which appear to be pretty similar to many similar issues experienced with IPS displays under Linux, but none of the solutions appear to be working.

There are two somewhat distinct issues. The first is that the screen flickers often, with the amount of flicker dependent on the screen content. The second issue is that periodically the screen gets somewhat “grainy” and we get bad ghosting. So if you are viewing a bright window and switch to a dark background, the bright window is still clearly visible as a shadow. None of these issues exist in Windows, or under Ubuntu with nouveau.

We started with a 340 family driver under Ubuntu 14.04. Upgraded to 352.21 driver as well as Ubuntu 15.04, but no change.

The flickering issue is definitely linked to the dithering settings which was the solution in past troubleshooting threads. We have not found a combination that gets rid of it. Disabling dithering makes it horrible, and setting 8bps also makes it terrible. With it enabled, dynamic 2x2 and 6bps, it isn’t bad but we still get flickering every once in a while. We haven’t found any settings that change the behaviour of the ghosting issue.


Our nvidia bug log file is here: http://peverill.org/files/nvidia-bug-report.log.gz
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (111 KB)

Is its possible to share video recording of the issue? Is the issue repro with latest 346.87 and 352.30 too?